Why You Need an App?

Why You Need an App?

Today apps are revolutionizing the way we operate a business. Everywhere there is the app fever. Businesses in every industry- food and drinks, hair and beauty, health and fitness, tours and travels, realty are using apps to take their marketing to the next level. How about having beauty services at home by booking an appointment using that downtown beauty spa app or making table reservations for a romantic dinner at a newly-opened multi-cuisine restaurant without making a real phone call? All done by just tapping. Great apps make happy customers and happy customers make great business. So why not use app for propelling your business?

Like big brands, small and midsize businesses are also using apps to boost their businesses. To make business more customer-friendly, something more is required than just a mobile-friendly website. According to a survey by Gallup, almost three-quarters of Americans check their smartphones at least once in an hour and 90% of the mobile time, they are spending on their apps. This rising number of smartphone usage, alone indicates the role mobile apps are playing now-a-days to increase customer engagement and fuel business growth.

Not going further, we will show you some points regarding why you should use an app to improve business, in case you are not yet convinced.

  • Apps help business to be visible: When a smartphone user unlocks, scrolls, checks messages and mails, they will automatically see the apps on their phones. Being on the device has this amazing benefit. Customers come across the already installed apps on their phone again and again, till the time those are uninstalled. They will be aware of all the latest updates, sales and offers. They see your business on their phone and one day they may actually buy your products/ services, who knows.
  • Apps help you in staying ahead: If your competitors have mobile apps for their business, why not you? If they don’t have one, why don’t you take the plunge? Owning a small business doesn’t mean you need no app. Although the need for building apps for different platforms like Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry may frighten you from accepting the challenge, you must know how getting an app is not that difficult, especially with so many young companies now creating and testing apps.
  • Apps increase customer communication: Customers can communicate with you in a better way through your app. Who would like to spend on phone calls when they have an app feature without any installation costs? Besides through push notifications, you can directly interact with customers and remind them about products/services on several occasions.
  • Apps promote your brand: When you engage with customers, it boosts your business. Putting your products/services in front of millions help you get noticed. With valuable products, customer-friendly features and a stylish design, your app is going to build brand awareness.

Be smart to go the app way, if you want to provide information to customers quickly, easily and get business-driven results. After all, smart people like to find and share information in the smartest way, at their fingertips.