What’s the Optimal Length of a Video Ad?

What’s the Optimal Length of a Video Ad?

Want to capture the best engagement, communicate the best content through optimal video length? But what’s the length of an ideal video ad? Short or long- probably the answer, you will get will be along the lines of “short”; since we are in an era where attention spans are decreasing due to the diversity of content as in text ads, photos, banner etc.

Short videos may not be always entertaining, engaging. Again longer videos need not be boring all the time. Today videos are shared on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. People watch videos for different purposes- to have fun, know ‘how a product is used’ or learn something. But how long can a video keep us engaged? It depends.

Let’s see the length of video contents on different platforms:

  • YouTube videos: Data from Tubular firm reveal that YouTube is making really longer content. An average YouTube video lasts for 870.89 seconds and that’s really long. The logic– great quality, longer content keeps you on the site longer. But when you look at the top trending views of the last year, the average length is 4.76 minutes.
  • Facebook videos: Facebook goes by short videos. An average Facebook video lasts for 81.22 seconds. Facebook tends to keep you moving, glued into the feed thereby getting a share/like.
  • Instagram videos: Instagram videos are about 30-second limit. Some companies convey their information in a 6-second stop-motion video showing their products. Again others promote themselves in a 30-second engaging story.
  • Periscope and Meerkut: Now let’s look for some other video platforms like Periscope and Meerkut who are not at all specific about the video length. Not surprisingly, the length of a Periscope live video depends on the brand’s preferences, its target audience and their advertising goals.

The Take Away:

  • A video which lasts for more than 2 minutes will attract consumers/audiences who have really a good patience level.
  • People try to get hooked on videos which are less than 59 seconds. That 59 seconds work better than 1 minute.
  • Viewers like good content videos- long or short.

There is no “one-size-fit all” video length. Whatever platform you choose for marketing your products or communicating with your target audience, the content of the video and the way it is presented must be the deciding factors. A good Periscope can continue for an hour, while a Facebook video can last for only 20 seconds. Instagram videos, are anyways, not longer than 30 seconds.

Ultimately the content wins, not the length. How tactfully you show your content and send across the message in a video matters. Not to worry about the numeric measurement!