Stories about Instagram Stories for Marketing Your Business

Stories about Instagram Stories for Marketing Your Business

The human mind like stories. Who does not want to see stories through photos and videos? Instagram took enough note of this basic human instinct and launched its much talked-about feature to date- “Stories”.

On 2nd August, Instagram came up with “Stories” where you can post your goofy, off-the-cut and not-so-perfect moments. The photos and videos, you share appear in a slideshow format to form your story, which will be there only for 24 hours. After that, those will get disappeared from your profile grid. Millions of people like this feature, as they can play with drawing tools and text and bring life to own stories. But are ‘’Stories” meant for playing and sharing only?

In an age where technology is ruling many aspects of life, the photo-sharing network must have launched “Stories” with some more objectives. Yes, “Stories” can be used for some serious business- seriously. You can use this avenue for marketing your business.

  • To showcase your products: If this feature is all about posting photos, why not use it for showcasing your company’s products? Post photos or videos of products being used, products being manufactured in real-time, interesting ways.
  • Show the ‘real’ you: If you want people- customers, fans or followers to connect with you, show your real self. For example, post photos of a seminar you attended recently, any workshop where your products were displayed. Many people like to see the world through others’ eyes. Use “Stories” to show them you are just like them, having similar preferences. Touching their lives with photos or short videos is an amazing way to share the ‘real’ you.
  • Drive social awareness: Want your audience/followers to be a part of your advertising campaigns? Take advantage of this amazing feature to let them know or remind of the special event. Creating engaging, short videos to get last minute sign ups is a brilliant way of improving traffic. Again if you are having sessions on other social media platform like Facebook, you can use the same tool to add to the traffic.
  • Share extra content: Any customer will like to know something extra about the product/services, he is paying for. Use Instagram “Stories” to share extra content without killing your feed. Apart from creating content exclusively for Instagram, you can download your “Stories” videos and photos for future use. Your business will certainly benefit from this strategy. To drive more customer engagement and build more trust with them, use great content coupled with your photos and videos.
  • Make people a part of your business: Some sneak peeks on the inner activities of your organization, your employees and celebrations at your office can be a better way to introduce your business to new people and engage already existing customers.

Brands and small businesses hoping to reach Generation Z and Millennials must zero on Instagram “Stories” for marketing their products; for those moments-in-between can make some real difference to your business.