Social Media Trends in 2016

Social Media Trends in 2016

Every year social media brings about a host of opportunities and changing trends. The social media scenario keeps changing and subsequently new business strategies evolve. Marketers who respond to changing trends with strategic designs succeed, others limp along.

A galore of features and updates keeps popping up all the time to boost user engagement. Innovation leads to variation within your market. You need to experiment to stay ahead of the competition in social media marketing.

Staying updated on the 2016 digital media trends is key when planning your upcoming business strategies. At a juncture when what works best for your brand remains a difficult question, you need to be updated on the current social media trends.

  • Pinterest presents its new visual search features: Have you ever thought of finding information without typing keywords? How about clicking within an image to open a new search function? For example, if you like an image of a garden and some gardening tools and want to see some more tools like those highlighted in the image, what you all have to do is simply click the tools of your choice. You will be shown search results related to the products of your choice.
  • Instagram comes up with Stories and Comment Moderation: Instagram consistently updates features and introduces updates. Stories, launched in early August is popular in the internet world. This new feature, like Snapchat stories allows you to upload pictures, videos and add those into your story. Many popular brands are using this feature currently to serve content to followers in unique ways.Comment Moderation is the latest update which allows pages to filter comments and stop the flow of comments on individual posts. So no worry about the probable backlashing!
  • Videos are still the big thing: Videos, live streaming or quick clips are more appealing than photos. Earlier Facebook, the social media giant declared it receives eight billion video views a day from 500 million people. People like to see ‘reality’ as it happens really. Facebook Live Broadcasts feature and apps like Periscope, Blab make you watch the real reality. Periscope provides interesting features to users like tweeting out links to the live streaming.
  • Mobile devices, a necessity for marketing: The Millennial Generation cannot survive without their smartphones. Technology is in their genes. It’s estimated that 2 billion people are using smartphones globally. Businesses are focusing on devices like smartphones, smartwatches and devices. When the Millennials are staying online 24*7, 365 days a year to surf, connect, interact and shop and many of them using the social media via smartphones, making social media marketing posts creates win-win situation for both sellers and customers.
  • Social media and social commerce: Social media impacts shoppers’ buying decisions. In 2015 Facebook introduced 360 Ads. Instagram’s action-oriented ad format is hugely popular. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook all these are powerful mobile platforms for advertisers to expand their business. The ad formats on social media platforms provide business-driven results to advertisers as people learn about different products/services, sign up on websites, download apps and buy products actually.

Social media trends will keep on evolving. And changing your business strategies with the changing trends is something that will only make sense, nothing else.