Is Google filtering your Business in the Local Search?

Is Google filtering your Business in the Local Search?

Aware of the recent changes in Google’s local result? That is to say, is google trying to filter businesses in the local search? Is this a recent phenomenon?

People started noticing this filter in July, 2016 when they saw many businesses were eliminated from the local search results that were previously visible. The results again changed in September. Many of the filters that were excluded previously reappeared. But if you look at the filters over a course of time, you can make two basic observations:

  • The filter is different for different industries.
  • Google runs and reruns this filter in some months or weeks- in real time.
    What factors affect Google filtering?

  • Organic Ranking
  • Duplicate listings
  • Age of listing
  • Spam filter vs. suspensions

What factors don’t affect Google filtering?
Business name: Although Google has very strict guidelines regarding how businesses should list themselves, businesses don’t seem to comply with these guidelines as they add descriptors and stuff keywords. They can pass on easily, since Google does not have any excellent method for enforcing those guidelines.

Google, actually has to find out some good methods for removing of all spams. Many SEO experts opine that the recent change might have been a shift in Google’s algorithm, and not just a simple refresh.