Today every brand needs to engage with their customers via digital medium. As such, it’s really tough to bring synergy across all the digital marketing channels to create a deeper engagement with customers. That calls for the successful use of Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) which aims at creating a strong, cohesive presence for a brand. If you incorporate an Integrated Digital Marketing strategy as part of your overall business plan, you will be able to get a real-time insight into your customers’ behavior and ROI through the management of data and analysis.
So how to make the best use of IDM? Although there is no one sure-fire formula to create the best IDM strategies, here are some ways that you can try to maximize viewership:

  • Know your customers: Identify your customers/audience and their interests, motivation and attitudes so that you can develop the best communications channels.
  • Integrate your messages: Pay attention to every aspect of advertising and this rule applies to whatever medium you are using like any website or any social networking platform. A simple example- using a client’s Twitter handle on printed ads can help the audience connect more easily with a company. Using the same phrases and keywords through the IDM campaigns is also essential.
  • Words are still very powerful: Create content that is simple and composed in a layman’s language. Whatever articles, blogs or eBooks you write must be sought after and contain stuff that someone like you would feel interested to read.
  • All the marketing people should work in sync: Even though you have numerous employees working on different projects within the same integrated marketing campaign, make sure that all of them are on the same line. Again, if you hire different agencies for the production of different aspects of your advertising campaign, make sure there is an in-house employee who coordinates their activities. Thus, your brand will get a consistent look and feel.
  • Boost your online engagement: You have promoted your brand on all social media platforms. Your job does not end there. Get acquainted with using the different functions of social media. Use the functions to ask questions, get feedback, provide answers etc. to create a brand presence.
  • Gather information on channels: Research on every advertising channel, be it Facebook, Twitter or any magazine to know how it will help you in attaining your business goals. Reject any channel if it’s not working for you, it’s that simple.
  • Monitor changes in consumer engagement: To create brand awareness, you must know what’s working for your target customers and what’s not. Big data and in-depth analytics help you determine how your efforts have paid off across all mediums.

A recent Gartner study reveals that 72% of customers like integrated branded experience across all platforms. Brands need to have a strong presence on the Internet and incorporating IDM strategies is just one of the best ways to achieve that.