How Mobile Application can Increase your Business Revenues

How Mobile Application can Increase your Business Revenues

Mobile applications have brought some revolutionary changes in the business world. Small and big businesses in any industry, hotel and restaurants, banks and financial institutions, fashion, travel etc. are depending heavily on mobile applications for increasing sales and visibility. For the customer who wants everything at his fingertip, the much-hyped mobile apps have opened vistas of opportunity to explore a brand. And a majority of entrepreneurs who want to stay up on trends is seizing this opportunity to experience growth in their businesses.

Thanks to smartphones for making mobile apps hugely popular. You may be an on-the-go customer who likes to buy his favorite fitness wear while travelling; or may be a couch potato spending time checking numerous food apps to order brunch. Whatever may be your need, mobile apps certainly help you as a customer by saving time and effort.

Researches reveal that:

  • People now-a-days spend more time on the internet as compared to any other media.
  • In the last 3 years, time spent on mobile phones per day has spiked to 575% approximately.
  • People spend nearly 80% of their mobile usage time on using apps.

These points prove the popularity of mobile applications as they are fast becoming the leading form of digital interaction. So why not use these apps for fueling business growth?

Consider the following points if you are owning a business and yet to recognize the huge benefits of mobile apps in terms of expanding your market and increase profit margins:

  • Mobile apps help to expand customer base across the globe: Want to cater to local buyers and international customers as well? Mobile apps can favor you a lot. With handy apps, customers across the globe can view your products, services and buy those thus increasing your business.
  • Mobile apps can be the right promoting tool: Since mobile apps can be integrated with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. it becomes easier to market your business, right? Customers can share the mobile app and their shopping experience with their social networks. So your company or business gets the publicity it requires. Next you can also provide updates on special events, new products and discount offers using your sophisticated app.
  • Customers can get in touch with your business: With all those easy-to-access information about your products, services, a one-touch phone call, e-mails etc. getting connected with your business becomes convenient for customers. Again, online polls and surveys help you to get customer suggestions and feedback in real time. Taking customers’ feedback and preferences into consideration is key in fueling your business growth.
  • Mobile apps garner huge visibility to create brand identity: When a person is spending a major time of the day watching his phone, he is sure to open those apps. Besides your company’s logo being displayed on his phone won’t let him forget your product or business easily. Thus mobile apps garner huge visibility as compared to any other form of digital media. As a digital marketing tool, mobile apps can boost traffic to a great extent. If your app is awesomely user-friendly, it will help in creating loyal customers. With all these, your brand’s identity is created.
  • Mobile apps generate more revenues: When your mobile apps have order fulfillment ability, those can generate more sales and hence, more income. For example mobile apps with functionality to make restaurants reservation, tickets booking are hugely popular and useful too.

Mobile apps also help in better workplace collaboration. When people work great for better business, better revenues will flow. With changing times, ways to grow your business must change. So adapt with the latest technological developments and use the blessings of digital age, to the maximum for your business.