How GIFs Can Help You Brand Your Business

How GIFs Can Help You Brand Your Business

Thanks to Mr. Steve Wilhite of CompuServe, the man behind Graphics Interchange Format popularly known as GIF for giving the world such short, interesting ways of communication. GIF, back in 1987 was the first of its kind, but is still relevant after 29 years. GIFs are enjoyed by people for their multi-dimensional approaches in different genres like humor, sarcasm, sorrow etc. Leaving aside all the fun elements, GIFs serve some more than serious purpose, as in branding your business.

Bored with the traditional images and videos, the Millennials are enjoying GIFs which are long enough to communicate a message to the target audience and short enough to keep them engaged. Interesting, isn’t it? So why would the marketers lag behind in using this new trend to market their products/services?

Ways GIFs can help in Marketing

  • Show your products in a ‘wow’ way: Advertisements must be unique, conveying the thought behind a product. To showcase a product in 3-5 second video, is certainly a cool way than using photos, plain text, long videos. Viewers can know the features of any product, as they focus on frame-by-frame format and replay the GIF whenever they want.
  • Explain a process: Whether it is to tell a story or explain a process, GIFs can do more than words. GIFs can be used to show “how to use any product” or “how to avail any service”, your company is offering. A compelling digital strategy, of course!
  • Brand business on social media platforms: Your digital marketing strategy is incomplete without social media. Since Twitter, Facebook, Vine and other social media channels support GIFs, you can easily connect with a large crowd. Aware of the popularity of Boomerang? GIFs can do the same for your business.
  • Reveal your ‘brand personality’: People like to know more about a brand, they believe. Give your brand life. How? Showcase your company’s culture, company’s activities and anything, which is not essentially about your product/services, using animated GIFs.
  • Add zing to your homepage: A homepage with great designs and right info is not something new. Use the old GIF concept to create a new homepage. Animate your homepage to spice it up.
  • Create cinema graph: How about showing pictures in which only a few components are in motion? There lies the beauty of a GIF. The subtle movements are sure to create a big impact on the mind of the viewers.

The human eye is more sensitive to moving objects than the static ones. GIF uses this principle and attracts the audiences’ attention by way of motion. Lend your business a different identity by steering away, a bit from the traditional ways of marketing.