Having an App is not going to create a Brand Identity

Having an App is not going to create a Brand Identity

Developed an app, but not marketing it? Sorry, that is not going to work.

The age of marketing demands marketing of your business app. Studies say nearly 2/3 of Americans own a smartphone and 2.16 billion smartphone users are there, globally. With the rise in internet access, there is a rise in smartphone usage. Mobile applications are becoming hugely popular. An app is definitely a brilliant strategy to showcase your products/services and build a strong foundation for your business. You develop your app and expect a good return on investment. But how will people come to know about your app? Indulge on some app marketing to create a brand identity.

Points to consider to ensure your app gets noticed in the app market

Before playing with ideas to market your app, you need to bring out the potential in your app taking into consideration the following points:

  • Whether your app is ranked high, organically, in the app market
  • Whether your app is downloaded by your target users
  • Whether your app is downloaded enough to bring monetary value

Top marketing policies for your awesomely-developed app:

  • Strengthen and reinforce your online presence: Develop a visually attractive and informative website for your business. Create a page on your website front-end and dedicate it for your app. Include the links to downloads or scan the QR codes that directs the users to the App Store list.
  • Rediscover the power of Social Media: Use the tool of social media for marketing your app. It will certainly increase your brand awareness.
  • Understand the workings of Organic Marketing: Understand the differences between the way in which organic rankings play within Google Play and Apple App Store. This is significant for ensuring your app gets adequate exposure within the two app marketing places.

  • Create buzz for your app launch: Aware of the new age advertising? Plan your app launch quite strategically. Advertising the event on different platforms will help in grabbing customers’ attention. Offer exclusive deals for first users downloads, a tiny step in building brand identity.
  • Switch from print ads to catchy, compelling videos: Videos, like prints ads are also effective. A video showing a person using the app and buying products/services is a real insight. Again popularizing a simple video on the user interface of your business app on video-sharing networks will ensure your app gets maximum downloads.
  • Satisfying the loyal users: Who does not want to be rewarded? Which company does not like to reward loyal customers for building brand awareness? Use your mobile app to offer benefits to customers. Send push notifications that offer them special discounts on products/services or additional lives in an interesting game.

Build the right app in the right way, engage people and create interest, pay heed to your users’ and developers’ feedback and select the right promo campaigns, wisely. Update your app regularly- it can actually be one of the factors to create a unique identity for your brand.