Digital Marketing Strategy should be more than Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategy should be more than Social Media

Digital marketing is marketing your products and/or services using digital avenues. Social media is only one of these avenues. It is an essential part of digital marketing. Promoting your products/services on the social media is a way of reaching out to the larger crowd. Since social media is the latest buzzword in internet marketing, people think marketing their products on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn will help earn business. But there are other effective means also. That’s why there is more to digital marketing than social media.

Social Media versus Digital Marketing

Social media is limited to internet users only. Digital marketing, on the other side, encompasses people in the off-line world also. For example, a digital marketing campaign may include TV ads, sms alerts, internet advertising. But social media marketing strategies mean ads on one or more social media platforms. Again digital media strategies focus on banners, ads or content marketing, whereas social media is somewhat restricted to content promotion on its platforms.

Digital Marketing assets beyond Social Media

You need to educate yourself on other avenues keeping aside social media for some time. For a quick brush up, take a look at the following:

  • SEO and website designing: Creating contents, building links and websites designing are not without any purpose. An informative, stylishly designed website will keep visitors engaged and wanting to know more about your business and products. Search engine marketing through SEO and Paid Search Advertising continues to be a serious part of the entire digital marketing phenomenon.
  • Mobile promotions: Today the Millennial Generation is hardly without their smartphones. What a smartphone is without an app? Mobile market promotion is a digital marketing strategy for enough good reasons. You need to develop native apps and submit those to Google Play and Apple Store.
  • Interactive Graphics: Interactive graphics are graphical representation of key information. Users can click on the interactive graphics, which will take them to further information and prompt them for response. These graphics can make many people become potential customers.
  • Email marketing: Marketing your products through emails is not new. Many people who are not active on social media come to know of new products and services through emails, very often.
  • Video marketing: We like to see objects in motion. And video marketing catches this human disposition to make advertising more appealing and engaging. Our mobile devices have made videos accessible to people, wherever they may be at any part of the globe. So why not use video for marketing?

A successful digital marketing campaign will always be more than only social media. That said, the importance of social media can never be ignored. Digital marketing is the future of marketing, for sure. And businesses must use all these tools to gain more ground in both the worlds- offline and online.